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At Custom Tool & Grinding, we take quality seriously. We have invested in measuring equipment specifically designed for measuring cutting tool geometry with vision systems as powerful as 200X to make sure that our customers get a tool that works the first time and is consistent in subsequent orders.

We generally inspect 100% of the tools we ship to ensure our customers receive a custom tool that cuts great and meets all customer specifications. We use a unique method of checking all geometry simultaneously to ensure that all geometric relationships are held to customer specified tolerances. In most cases, our tools are manufactured to tolerances much closer than specified and when needed, can guarantee down to +/-0.0001″.

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We will develop, produce and market products and services that meet or exceed the requirements of our internal and external customers.

Our guiding principles will be customer satisfaction, continuous improvement, teamwork, and ethics. All Custom Tool and Grinding employees will share the responsibility and reward of our quality achievements.


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We use Custom Tool for all of our unique grinding and custom tooling. They offer exceptional customer service and their on-time delivery is second to none.

Charles “Todd” Diehl – Vice President, 
Premier Hydraulics, Inc.