We never forget that your quality depends on our quality.

Whether you’re machining jet engine components, injection molds or hip implants, your quality depends on the quality of your cutting tools. You strive for throughput, consistency, and conformance to specifications, run after run, day after day. If the drills, end mills, or other tools you’re using aren’t on the mark, your bottom line will suffer. And at today’s high level of automation and speed, profitability can suffer a lot in a short period of time.

Quality that helps you maximize uptime and throughput.

When your order comes into our shop, it’s tracked every step of the way. Documentation follows it to assure that every process, every operation is performed according to design, then checked with advanced equipment.

We generally inspect 100% of the tools we ship. To make sure that you get consistent, repeatable accuracy that minimizes machine downtime and maximizes throughput, we have invested in measurement equipment specifically designed for cutting tool geometry, with magnification as powerful as 200X. We use a unique process to check all geometry simultaneously and ensure that all geometric relationships are held to customer specified tolerances. In most cases, our tools are manufactured to tolerances much closer than specified. When needed, we can guarantee tolerances down to +/-0.0001″.

“Custom Tool & Grinding has been exceptionally responsive to our tooling needs – quick delivery at reasonable prices are the norm & quality work is the standard. Their expertise in solid carbide tooling is second to none.”

Larry Shaffer – Corporate Engineer, B & C Corporation