A Complete Guide to Lathe Tooling

Though there are a range of different tools available for use on the lathe, there are a few that are absolutely necessary to get the job done. Whether the usual assortment of chisels, gouges or a more advanced set of tools, lathe tooling helps you get the most out of every project. Here’s a quick look at some of the common – and not-so-common – lathe tools on the market.

Your Guide to Lathe Tooling

  • Spindle Roughing Gouge: When you’re taking your stock from square to round, it’s the spindle roughing gouge that gets you there. Available in a range of sizes – some of them almost obnoxiously wide – they help you take stock down quickly and effectively.

  • Spindle or Shallow Fluted Gouge: If it’s time to add details, a spindle or shallow fluted gouge provides you with finer levels of control to get the job done.

  • Skew Chisel: A skew chisel demands respect, but can also be a wonderfully versatile tool for planing wood on the lathe and adding a fine finish, almost to the point of not needing sandpaper for finishing when used correctly.

  • Parting Tool: A parting tool works well when you need to create a deep cut quickly and safely. It’s recognizable by its distinctive V-shaped profile at the tip.

  • Bowl or Deep Fluted Gouge: When you need to go deep, a bowl or deep fluted gouge gets you there. With a deeper channel than a spindle gouge, it’s designed to quickly shape wood for bowls.

  • Swept Back Grind Bowl Gouge: Similar to a bowl or deep fluted gouge, this tool has a grind that extends further back, allowing the tool’s wings to be used more effectively for several additional cuts.

By being aware of the different uses you can get out of your lathe tooling, you can make sure you’re using the
right tool for the right job while improving your woodworking. But what if you need to improve your production, or perhaps need a tool that’s difficult to find or doesn’t even exist yet? Custom Tool & Grinding’s sole  purpose is to help you develop high-quality tools so that you can work more effectively and efficiently, whether on the lathe or anywhere else. Please feel free to contact us today to request a quote on some of our high-quality tools or for a unique design that’s all your own.

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