All About Porting Tools

Porting tools are designed to cut into pre-drilled holes and create a complex form with ease. They can be used for lathe and mill applications but must always be ground between centers for perfect concentricity. With the use of porting tools, you can create precise detailed holes, accurate plunge and done ports. We use these for the fine craftsmanship you expect from Custom Tool.

First, Pilot Holes

You must first make the initial hole, or pilot hole, for your counterbore. Do this using a drill or bore of the appropriate size. Your hole depth will be based on the details of your project. There are also a variety of types and sizes of porting tools to apply, depending on your project. It’s important to study and plan out any project to make sure you are using all the right equipment. An incorrectly sized pilot hole may make accurately finishing your project impossible.

Then, Port Counterboring

Your second step with porting tools is going to be running the counterbore tool into the pilot hole you created on the previous step. The dimensions and individual features of the port and O-ring opening should be built into the correct counterboring tool, with the exception of depth.  Counterboring machining depth can vary from light spotface to the maximum spotface. You need to refer to the details of your tool and your project to make sure you go the accurate depth. It’s best to use the same line of tools from start to finish with a porting project. 

Lastly, Thread Tapping

Any machined port has to be threaded properly to receive the fitting. Make sure to use the correctly sized tapping tool necessary for your porting. It must be matched to the size, class and threading. Porting tools can be complicated and that’s why professionals like those at Custom Tool are great to work with so you know you are getting exactly what you need. 

Let Custom Tool Deliver the Porting Tools You Need

We can design and manufacture high performance tooling products to your exact specifications. We can also sharpen, regrind and repair any tools that we make or that you get elsewhere. Don’t let a good tool go to waste and don’t count on an inferior product for your porting needs. Contact Custom Tool today to get exactly what you’re looking for.