April Roundup: Machining in the News

In April, Desktop Metal announced a New Printer, Miami is blossoming into a Manufacturing Hub, we cover Benchmarking PCE, and Robot Trends in 2022. Continue reading our news round-up to learn more about what’s happening in the industry this month.

Desktop Metal Announces New Printer

Desktop Metal announced the launch of the ExOne S-Max Flex, a scalable, large-format binder jetting system that 3D prints sand tooling, which foundries use to quickly cast complex metal designs for the aerospace, automotive, and energy industries, among others. The new S-Max Flex combines the original ExOne’s sand printing expertise in process and materials with proprietary Desktop Metal SPJ technology in an affordable architecture to deliver new value to foundries that have long wanted an S-Max but found the premium price out of reach.

The S-Max Flex will debut at CastExpo 2022, North America’s largest metal casting trade show, from April 23-26 in Columbus, Ohio. For more information click here.

Miami is a Manufacturing Hub

Widely known for tourism, business conventions, and international trade, manufacturing is among the industries transforming the Miami region’s economic engines. Regional manufacturing drove $940.8 million in sales and accounted for more than $1.21 billion in total economic impact in 2020, according to the South Florida Manufacturers Association. Even as Miami earns international headlines for its forays into cryptocurrency, tech startups, and venture capital, manufacturing thrives countywide. 

For more on this topic check out the full article here.

Benchmarking PCE

PCE is a metal processing technology that produces stress-free, flat components by selective etching through a photo-resist mask. It is well suited to the manufacture of precision parts such as grids and meshes, precision filters, sharp piercing or cutting edges, lead frames for integrated circuit boards, fuel cell and heat exchangers plates, precision springs, and washers and gaskets.

For more information on this complicated process, check out the full article on ctemag.com.

Robot Trends in 2022

The operational stock of industrial robots hit a new record of about 3 million units worldwide – increasing by 13% on average each year (2015-2020). The International Federation of Robotics analyzes the top 5 trends shaping robotics and automation around the globe.

For the full scoop on these trends, read the full article here.

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