April Roundup: Machining in the News

In April, DOE announced it’s funding a new program, cybersecurity  is increasing for medical manufacturing, automation is upgrading factories, and the largest advanced manufacturing expo in the northeast has set dates. Continue reading our news round-up to learn more about what’s happening in the industry this month.

DOE Announces $30M Funding Program

The U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy issued a funding opportunity announcement (FOA) that supports innovation to boost the domestic production of large metallic near net shape (NNS) components, a critical step on the path towards deploying America’s clean power-generation technology. 

The Energy Department is dedicating $30 million for the effort. The FOA, led by EERE’s Advanced Materials and Manufacturing Technologies Office, will impact a broad cross-section of the U.S. manufacturing sector including clean power generation, transportation, industrial machinery, heavy equipment, and domestic infrastructure.

For more information about this new program’s funding click here.

Cybersecurity for Medical Device Manufacturing 

Cybersecurity has been a buzzword in the world of medical device manufacturing lately. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued several guidance documents for cybersecurity in medical devices. This guidance provides recommendations for medical devices with cybersecurity risks to ensure they are resistant to threats. The guidelines will affect device manufacturers seeking to get FDA approval for their products.

With medical devices becoming increasingly interconnected, there are greater cybersecurity risks. Devices can digitally connect with the internet, hospital networks, portable media, and other medical devices to transmit health information. These advancements have helped to improve healthcare and better treat patients, but they also increase exposure to cybersecurity breaches. 

For more information on how this has pushed manufacturers to make cybersecurity a priority check out the full article here

How Manufacturing Automation Companies are Advancing Factories

Manufacturing automation companies play a significant role in the fourth industrial revolution. These companies provide automation solutions to factories to help optimize their operations and increase efficiency. Automating production lines and other operations is the first step for manufacturing facilities on their way to becoming smart factories. Smart factories are facilities that are completely automated and don’t require human workers. Autonomous factories will be commonplace in manufacturing’s future, and they all start with manufacturing automation companies.

Manufacturers must embrace automation to stay relevant in the increasingly advanced manufacturing world. This necessity is due to the many benefits of implementing automation. An automated facility is significantly more productive compared to one that still uses mostly manual processes. In fact, automation can increase a facility’s productivity by nearly 50 percent, with most companies usually seeing at least a 30 percent improvement.

To learn more about automation technologies and the representatives of manufacturing automation companies click here.

EASTEC: The Largest Advanced Manufacturing Expo in the Northeast

Attending industry events allows manufacturers to source solutions to their problems, get a firsthand look at innovative industrial technologies, and do their part to grow the country’s manufacturing industry. 

The largest manufacturing trade show in the Northeast United States, EASTEC takes place every two years at the Eastern States Exposition in West Springfield, Massachusetts. At EASTEC, advanced manufacturing technologies intersect with the Northeast’s long-established manufacturing sector.

Attendees will experience high-end manufacturing equipment and smart technologies from vendors that serve leading industries in the Northeast, such as aerospace, medical devices, and automotive. As the leading Northeast advanced manufacturing expo, EASTEC is a can’t-miss event for anyone in the region’s manufacturing community.

Learn more here about attending EASTEC.

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