August Roundup: Machining in the News

The industry is constantly evolving. This month we cover hot trends that are appearing in cutting tools, how restrictions on events are inspiring the development of new systems, and how companies are staying hazardous waste compliant. Keep reading for more details.

Hot trends in cutting tools

According to some industry executives, fast & flexible custom tooling, easy access through cloud technology and new automation techniques are some of the technologies driving tool production processes.

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 Restrictions on Large Events Inspire Development of New Systems

To say the last year was strange is an understatement; virtually every facet of society felt the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Everyone—from individuals to manufacturing operations to governments—sought new ways to adapt. One company–North Coast Technical Inc.–took the pandemic as an opportunity to generate more awareness of the machine vision tools and technologies they offer.

Their way of doing this was by building a demo system that they could use to educate their customers, and generate awareness of newer technologies offered by one of their principal suppliers.

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Improving Hazardous Waste Compliance

How a metalworking operation handles hazardous waste management and disposal impacts the environment. And, it directly influences profitability. Failed inspections, fines, inefficient operations, risks to employee health and safety, as well as environmental contamination are among the consequences of improper hazardous waste handling. Because regulations change periodically, it is critical to re-evaluate and consider improvements to hazardous waste management practices on a semi-regular basis.

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