Benefits of Carbide Form Milling Cutters

Custom Tool’s carbide form milling cutters are perfect when you need to cut unique shapes and you want to save time. Carbide tooling has become more popular recently and there are many reasons why. It’s a tough element that can do precise work. Carbide tools are both durable and cost effective. Let’s explore the benefits of carbide form milling cutters.

What is Carbide?

“Carbide” is the shorthand for Tungsten-Carbide. This is a chemical compound made up of equal parts of tungsten and carbon atoms. It starts as a gray powder that can be pressed and formed into immeasurable shapes. The finished product is considerably denser than both titanium and steel. It’s usually polished and finished with hard abrasive material like diamonds. Carbide is also better at dissipating heat than other materials, which allows you to run your machines harder without having to stop. 

Benefits of Carbide Tools

  1. Carbide-based tools have greater durability. They are resistant to cracking and abrasion and can cut through most debris in material without sustaining damage. Even tough materials such as bullets, screws and nails may be easily cut.

  2. Carbide is ideal for precision work. You achieve superior performance when aiming for either finished or surface finished quality. The tooltips stay sharper for longer and carbide blades can cut faster without binding, thus reducing the workload on machines.

  3. They retain their precise cutting edge and hold a longer shelf life. Their sharp edge creates straight and clean cuts with minimal damage, resulting in better material fit and tighter bonds.

  4. Carbide tools can endure both high temperature and high cutting speed. This means that tools require less frequent sharpening, increasing your work efficiency.

  5. Tool quality and longevity far exceed the price paid, so carbide is highly cost effective. A well-cared-for carbide tool can last 20+ years.

Solid Carbide or Tipped Carbide? Is it Cost Effective?

You have the option to go with tools that are simply tipped with carbide, or made entirely with it. While carbide is an amazing material, many lean toward carbide-tipped tools because the steel core is stronger than solid carbide. Pure carbide is resilient and keeps a clean cutting edge, but may lose a bit of strength. 

Carbide tips are also easier to replace. Just grind away the old carbide and renew the tool with a fresh layer. Preserve the integrity of the tool while saving money on replacements. It won’t need to be replaced as often to begin with, and the precise edging stays strong without damaging weaker materials. 

Be advised that the initial switch to carbide tooling will have a higher upfront cost, but will yield major savings in the long run. Fewer tool replacements without a sacrifice in precision or quality? Yes, please.  

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