Benefits of Regrinding and Creating Custom Tools

Does your business require its own custom tools, or possibly regrinding the tools they already have? There are many advantages to creating custom tools and regrinding them periodically, rather than replacing them. or using more standardized tool sets. Here’s some valuable information on the benefits.

Creating Custom Tools

Rather than operating with inefficient or poorly designed tools, businesses can instead create custom pieces that will improve their operations. Custom tools aren’t just designed to improve productivity; they can also reduce waste, as specialized tools can be designed that will make more use of your raw materials. Safety is also improved through the use of custom tools, as custom tools will reduce the possibility that machining can go awry. When properly trained in using custom tools, employees will find that they will produce both more consistent and more easily predicted products. Both of these, together, will make it far easier for employees to be trained and for employees to protect themselves.

Regrinding Custom Tools

When custom tools become dull or have lost their shape, they can be replaced or be reground. Regrinding custom tools offers many benefits. Custom tools are generally more expensive to produce than standard tools, so there are more costs associated with cutting. Businesses wanting to reduce their overhead (and costs) may want to consider regrinding, as it saves more of the material while also improving upon custom tools. In addition to regrinding, a custom tool company can also coat the tools with specialized coatings that will make the tools last longer and perform better.

Regrinding means making the initial investment in the tools last much longer. By scheduling tools to be reground on a regular basis, a business can ensure that their tools are always at peak performance. This also reduces the chances that a tool could be broken and need to be replaced, causing operations to halt. Altogether, regrinding a tool creates better and more effective business operations, which can save a company more than 50 percent of the cost of the tool.

The Effects of Regrinding Tools

When reground, tools often need to be cut back in order to maintain their shape. This is especially true for drills. But it is not true that drills and similar tools cannot be cut to a similar shape and size as they were previously. With clever engineering, the tools can still retain their original shape, they will simply lose some material. This is why regrinding is effective for many different types of tool, including customized tools.

Creating and maintaining custom tools can be a tremendous boon to any business. Through the creation of custom tools, businesses can improve their workflow and operations, as well as its safety. Businesses will also be able to reduce their costs, and ensure that their tools last longer and malfunction far less frequently. For more information, contact Custom Tools & Grinding.