The Benefits of Wire EDM

Wire EDM manufacturing is an effective, precise type of machining. This type of machining is often used when tolerances are particularly tight. EDM has been in use since the 1700s, and the technique has undergone some significant refinement over the decades.

The Process of Wire EDM

On a technical level, wire EDM involves a wire material that has an electrical charge. An electrical spark is created between the wire and the material being cut, heating it. The heat then cuts into the material without harming any surrounding material.

Wire EDM is often preferred because it can make very precise cuts without the potential of deformation and damage. The spark does not heat any of the surrounding material, just the material it is in direct contact with. Because of this, it isn’t just used for high precision, but also applications where the rest of the material must be protected.

In modern wire EDM applications, there’s usually an amount of water used around the cutting surface. The water cools and flushes away any material that has been cut away. This further improves upon the precision and accuracy of the manufacturing process.

The Need for Advanced Machinery

Though it may seen to be conceptually simple, EDM machines are actually quite complex. As the material is cut, the wire used in EDM will degrade. The machine must be able to continuously spool new wire in, cutting off the old wire (and often sending it for recycling).

Apart from this, the EDM must also be able to detect any irregularities in its own process, such as a wire snapping. Advanced machines are able to repair themselves, which cuts down on downtime and improves upon the speed, consistency and cost of manufacturing.

Different types of wire used are  dependent  on the type of material that is being cut and the tolerances that are required. All of this means that it isn’t enough to just have  an EDM manufacturer, but  to have a manufacturer that has the best technology.

The Ideal Applications for EDM

EDM is most ideal for rigid tolerances and cutting in tight areas. It’s also good for harder materials that could not otherwise be machined, and materials that could be deformed through manual cutting. Parts that need to be machined smoothly, without any chance of burrs, are usually solid choices for EDM.

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