Choose CT&G for Your Custom Cutting Tool Expertise

From medical organizations to construction companies, there is often the need for custom, specialized cutting tools. These tools can be built to serve internal purposes, such as specialized fittings for engineering companies, or can be built as inventory items for a reseller. Regardless, it’s necessary to produce high-quality custom tools that will last a long time and can be produced and reproduced affordably and effectively.

The Services Provided By CT&G

CT&G provides medical tool grinding, CNC grinding, OD and ID grinding, and more. As an experienced organization that has operated since 1976, CT&G has the equipment and skills necessary to produce custom tools for nearly every company and organization. These tools are able to adhere to extremely tight tolerances, in some cases as little as 0.0001″. This precision can improve the function and safety of tools, in addition to ensuring that tools last. CT&G monitors tools throughout the production process and compares them to rigorous sets of requirements, all of which are intended to ensure that the customer is satisfied.

Get Any Quantity of Tool for Your Business

Specialized tools can vary greatly. CT&G can produce a single pieces for businesses that need a specialized tool for operations, or it can produce 10,000’s for companies that are selling them, packaging them, or otherwise distributing them. Whether 1 tool or 10,000 tools are being created, CT&G is still able to produce them quickly and deliver them fast, making them an excellent choice for those who are concerned regarding logistics and shipping.

Regrinding, Reconditioning, Coating, and More

In addition to custom tool cutting, we provide tool regrinding, tool reconditioning, and other services. HSS, solid carbide, and carbide tipped tools can be reground for better and longer function, and tools can be reconditioned if they need more work than being reground. Tools can then be coated in order to ensure that they last longer. Rather than having to spend additional money purchasing specialized equipment again, tools can be restored and can still last some time to come.

CT&G is a specialized and experienced tool reconditioner, regrinder, and cutter, with the ability to produce tools within tolerances acceptable for medical tool grinding. Wire EDM services and 4-axis machining further enhance our capabilities, making it possible to create more complex tools and tools formed from hard metals. Whether your business needs one tool or 10,000 tools, contact CT&G today for a quote.