Coatings for Cutting Tools

If you want your cutting tools to last a long time, you may want to think about investing in a tool coating. When tools are custom manufactured or re-ground and re-finished, they can also have a thin layer of coating applied. This thin layer of coating will ensure that your tools not only last a long time, but they also retain their sharpness and detail.

The Benefits of Coating for Cutting Tools

  • Protection from dulled edges. Coatings create a resistant surface across the tool, which protects from dull edges and chipping. For tools that need to be precise, this can mean that the tools are able to better perform their functions.
  • Non-stick surfaces. As you use your tools, different materials can adhere to them. Over time, this coating can damage your tools or simply be difficult to remove. Non-stick surfaces keep your tools operational between cleanings.
  • Heat and temperature resistance. Many tools have to be used in exceptionally hot or cold environments. Different types of coating can create temperature and heat resistance, so these tools can still perform well under adverse conditions.

Selecting the Right Coating

Just as there are different advantages to coating, there are also different coating needs that a tool might have. This will determine which type of coating is most suitable to a tool. Determining the right type of coating lies in determining the hardness, wear resistance, surface lubricity, and temperature resistance that the tool needs. It also will be dependent on how long the tool is intended to be used; longer use tools may need stronger coatings and may need to be ground and coated again to increase their lifespan.

Some common coatings include:

  • Titanium Nitride. TiN coating increases temperature resistance and hardness and is often used for general purpose tools.
  • Titanium Carbo-Nitride. A more advanced coating, TiCN adds carbon, which improves on the hardness and also resists adhesion.
  • Titanium Aluminum Nitride. TiAIN is designed to help tools last in high heat environments.
  • Chromium Nitride. Cutting tools can be improved with a CrN coating, which makes it easier to cut without snagging.
  • Diamond. A diamond coating is often used for high performance tools, and is both heat resistant and hard.

Whether you need all new tools made or you need your existing tools refinished, CT&G can help. Contact Custom Tools & Grinding for more information about the coatings that your tools can use to increase their effectiveness, precision, and longevity.