What to Consider When Choosing a Custom Tool Manufacturer

The need for a custom tool manufacturer pulls many companies beyond their comfort zone. It’s one thing to be able to purchase a standardized tool, but a customized one raises more considerations. Here’s how to find the right custom tool manufacturer for your next project:


This is one of the most important items to consider when searching for a custom tool manufacturer. The chances that your regular supplier of standardized tools can meet your demand for a custom project are slim to none. Look for a company that can provide the following services:

  • 4-axis machining: While CNC cutters are a mainstay of tool manufacturing companies, not all of them are capable of operating on multiple axes. Choosing a company whose CNC cutters do have 4-axis machining capabilities means they can accurately machine complex geometries quickly.
  • Tool coating: Customized tools can be coated to extend their lifespans.
  • Wire EDM: Having electrical discharge machining (EDM) equipment on-site gives the company flexibility to manufacture elaborate tools from hard metals. These are typically challenging to machine using other methods.
  • Engineering: The right combination of expertise and equipment ensures that the design of a tool matches the drawing of a part. This combination helps deliver superior results for any customized tool.

Quality Control

A customized tool is only as good as the company that manufacturers it, so quality control is of vital importance. Hand in hand with quality control, is the experience to  machine complex shapes and work with materials that are difficult to machine. A company that places a significant importance on quality control helps improve productivity, consistency and compliance for its customers.


Knowing each step that a customized tool is supposed to undergo is important to its quality and its timely delivery. An organized method of documentation provides a customer with a paper trail that can be followed throughout the process. Having a documentation methodology also ensures that the part is inspected after each operation for accuracy.


Tool manufacturing, like nearly every other industry in the world, has been touched by technology. A company that invests in the equipment and systems required to deliver the concise accuracy that customized tools demand is required when searching for a manufacturer.

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