Custom Tool Design Process

If your business needs custom tools, you may be wondering about the design process. The design process for a custom tool is extremely customer-directed, intended to give customers exactly the tools they need with additional considerations such as durability, safety, and longevity in mind. A fast, effective design process eventually leads to a prototype which can then be produced in larger runs.

Understanding a Customer’s Needs

The tool design process begins by discussing a customer’s needs. Customers can outline what they are looking for in a tool and what challenges they are experiencing. Some customers may already have a fairly good idea of the tool that they need, others are experiencing a problem but not a solution. A custom tool company will work with customers at every end of the spectrum, either to develop a design from scratch or to fine-tune a customer’s already existing designs.

At this stage, a customer may also be wondering whether or not they actually need a custom tool. A custom tool company can also assist in this, helping a customer either find the tools they need or reaffirm their need for a custom solution.

Produce a Design for the Customer

Once the customer’s needs have been determined, the custom tool company will produce a design. The customer will then look at the design to determine whether the tool will work for their particular application. The tool’s specifications are especially important at this stage, as the customer will need to determine whether the dimensions are accurate, and whether or not the tool itself is up to the task at hand.

Begin to Manufacture

Customers will be able to inspect and test a potential prototype to their satisfaction, ensuring that it works within their own product workflow, and confirm that they are able to use it in the environment that it needs to be used. Once the prototype has been sufficiently tested, the manufacturing will begin. The manufacturing process will involve both cutting and finishing the tools.

The custom tool company will manufacture any number of these tools for the customer and will be able to keep the design files on hand so that these tools can again be ordered in the future. Many manufacturers look toward future use of the tools, making it so that they can easily be resurfaced and reground rather than having to cut the tools again.

The custom tool design process is made easier by knowledgeable, efficient and friendly staff members. At CT&G, not only can custom tools be designed, but they can be cut, coated, and re-ground in any number. Whether you need a single tool or hundreds of tools, CT&G can provide quick and efficient manufacturing for you.