Custom Tools We’re Thankful For

This time of year, we all take stock of the things we’re most thankful for. Many us probably wouldn’t put custom machine shop tools at the top of our  lists, but we certainly do. Here are just a few we’re happy to have on the shop floor.

Lathe Tooling

Lathe tooling keeps many machine shops afloat. Clean and accurate cuts are integral to machine shop production schedules, and reliable lathe tooling helps you achieve just that. From external turning to boring bars, lathe tooling wears a lot of hats.

That’s why we’re so thankful for these bad boys. They’re reliable and keep shops up and running. Although all the options can feel a bit overwhelming, knowing you’ll have the exact right tool for the job can be a life-saver.  

Micro Tools

As technology becomes an increasingly prevalent part of manufacturing, so, too, does the need for even the smallest tools that leave a big impact. With tools as small as 0.5mm, micro tools can achieve a level of precision that would have been thought impossible in decades past.

Micro tools is an umbrella category that covers a wide range of shapes, sizes and functions. With uses in a wide array of industries, their reliance on technology and automation makes them the perfect tool for the next step in manufacturing.

Step Tools

We take these bits for granted, but we sure do rely on them quite often. Step tools allow us to do two jobs in a single pass. This saves time and effort, and who’s not thankful for that? With a step tool/step drill/form drill you can counterbore, countersink or chamfer your cut with precision and accuracy.

By deep plunging the bit to the exact correct bore, you can ensure you’re getting the proper sized hole every single time. Step tools are just one of the tools that keep the production line moving, and we’re definitely thankful for that.

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