December Roundup: Machining in the News

The industry is constantly evolving. This month we cover robotics in automation, how pull bars are simplifying automation, the chip shortage, and how GE Appliances is creating 600+ new jobs. Keep on reading for more information.

Robotics in Automation could Support Sustainable Development

Science and technology go hand in hand in solving the world’s problems, and robotics and automation are the latest innovations set to tackle one of our biggest issues: poverty. In the developed world, robotics and automation are predominantly used in large-scale applications, commonly in industrial settings performing tasks such as product assembly or welding. In more remote and less-developed locations, low numbers of personal robots that provide a valuable service could be particularly useful in improving health or agriculture for a community.

To find out how robotics could be applied to help tackle the global poverty crisis click here.

GE Appliances Invests $118M in Georgia Plant

GE Appliances announced plans to invest more than $118 million to grow its cooking appliances business by expanding capacity and developing new cooking products at its wholly-owned subsidiary Roper Corporation in LaFayette, Ga. The expansion will add more than 600 new jobs by the end of 2024. GE Appliances’ employment and investment in Georgia has had a major economic impact on the state with more than $2.4 billion contributed to Georgia’s gross domestic product.

For more information on the economic impact GE has on Georgia check out the full article here.

Zero-Adjustment Bar Pullers Simplify Turning Automation

Spring-loaded grippers and adjustable programming are enabling bar pullers to fulfill their promise to save time and money in CNC turning automation. This option for CNC turning automation might not be as popular as its cousin, the bar feeder, but it is an increasingly viable option for many shops working with high production numbers. Whereas old models of bar pullers could be time-consuming to set up, newer zero-adjustment models can pull different shapes and sizes of bar stock with only a few minor G-code substitutions.

For more information on if bar pullers are right for your shop check out the full article here.

The Chip Shortage

We take for granted that our supply chains will deliver the products we desire, they have always delivered reliably. But then, along comes a pandemic and work disruptions. Suddenly, all of that supply chain efficiency is out the window. Even worse, COVID has not been a momentary hitch in the supply chain, but an ongoing complication. Moreover, COVID hasn’t been the only problem disrupting our supply chains.

Earlier this year, an ice storm in Texas and a fire at Renesas Electronics’ semiconductor factory in Naka, Japan, put a major crimp in the world’s supply of microchips. The shortage has affected numerous industries, including appliances, consumer electronics and LED lighting. Automotive OEMs, which rely on such chips to control everything from engines to infotainment systems, have been forced to drastically curtail production.

The cost of failure in the field can be high. For more information on how a well-managed supply chain can help mitigate the risk of delays click here.

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