What’s December’s News for Custom Tools Machining?

The world of manufacturing and custom tools is always busy. Instead of crowding our social pages with news, we’re rounding up December’s news for custom tools machining here. 

Enhancements to the Industry

Evolving Demands in Crankshaft Machining

Boehringer met the challenges in crankshaft machining head on with their new VDF 221/226 CET. It’s a six axis machining tool with eight tool interfaces. It can do MMS or wet machining. 

An Application that Simplifies and Speeds Up Part Vending

Fastenal’s Product Locator application was made to help speed up and simplify product searches based on location and part. It functions in partnership with their tool vending device. With it’s touchscreen interface, it can find parts throughout multiple devices within the facility. 

The Possibilities of Sheet Lamination

Sheet lamination is now bonding sheets of material together to make objects. We’re using metal and other materials to make more complex and functional products. As an industry, we are excited to be learning more about the possibilities brought on by this development. 

Investments in Manufacturing

Capital Spending Report for 2019 Says Tech is Still in Forefront

Assembly technology is a booming business this year, and surely in the year to come. According to the report, 44% of respondents expect to spend more money on tech next year than this year!

Ford Plant Gets $1.45 Billion Investment, 3,300 New Union Jobs

Ford has announced plans for two plants in Michigan, and we’re pumped. Manufacturing is mostly geared toward hybrid and electric vehicles, with some marked for new Ford Rangers as well as SUVs made with self-driving tech. 

Ground Broken on Arizona Lucid Motors Manufacturing

Production of the Lucid Motors Air electric sedan is expected to start in late 2020. The company plans to invest more than $700 million into the factory throughout the 2020s, possibly bringing about many jobs in the industry.

Other News for Custom Tools Machining

From Toolroom to Captive CNC Shop

Problem solving in the toolroom of a fabricating operation has led to high-production profit levels. By making improvements step by step, Ace Stamping & Machining Co. was able to rapidly make impactful changes their operations.

3D Printing for Die Casting?

Can 3D printed tools be a solution for die casting? This is a harsh process for making durable parts, and some hesitate to trust new techniques. While it makes some nervous, this area is being used to test the limits of metal 3D printing.

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