Don’t Let Your Production Cool off this Summer

Summer fever. We’ve all had it. Here in the greater Pittsburgh area, we thought for sure winter was never going to end. Luckily, Old Man Winter finally loosened his grip and we can forget about that brutal winter weather. For now, anyway.

With summer, comes vacations, long weekend trips, cookouts, midweek holidays, playing hookie to get out on the golf course, etc. There are a lot of moving parts in the summer for most companies. It’s important to make sure production doesn’t suffer. Here are a few tips!

Plan Accordingly

Summer vacations are commonplace. But, depending on the size of your company, vacations can really throw a wrench in things. If you’re a small company, and a key member heads to the beach for the week, it can leave the rest of your team scrambling. All things considered, it’s important to take vacations, and equally important to plan for them.

If you know you’re going to be out for an extended period of time, make sure you’re proactive about it. Make sure the key people are aware of your timeframe and assure them that you’ll give them everything they need ahead of time. This will also help you enjoy your vacation and not worry about answering phone calls or emails while in line for ice cream with your family!

Stock Up on the Things You Need

Lead times may increase in the summer. Be sure you’re on the same page with your suppliers. As a rule of thumb, make sure you have everything you need in plenty of time. It can be tough if you have an immediate need for a specific piece of equipment. Or if the person you need to speak to with right away is out of the office for  Memorial Day Weekend.


Communication is key, regardless of the time of the year. Make sure every member of your team, and everyone you work with on a regular basis, is aware of the vacation schedules and how it will affect everyone. The more you communicate, the more prepared you will be. The more prepared you are, the more productive you are.

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