Everything You Need to Know about Tool Regrinding

Manufacturers and other industrial companies lose money when their tools begin to dull. Reconditioning is the economical way to make old tools like drills, reamers and end mills like new. Since the great recession, many industrial companies have turned to tool regrinding to extend the life of their tools and reduce costs.

What is Tool Regrinding?

Tool regrinding is the process of cutting off an old tip of a round tool, like a drill, and then re-shaping what remains into a new tip. The simpler the tool, the better it is for regrinding.

Is Regrinding An Option For All Tools?

No, not all tools can be restored through regrinding. There are many factors that affect whether or not regrinding is appropriate for a specific tool. Design, purpose, coating, complexity, the value of the tool and expected service life are all variables that are considered when trying to decide whether or not regrinding is an appropriate option.

Why Do Industrial Companies Regrind Tools?

Quite simply, tool regrinding saves money. A dull tool is not accurate or strong enough for many industrial purposes. Once a tool has become dull, it must be discarded – unless it can be fixed. A successful regrinding enables an old tool to work well again in an industrial setting.

Every time regrinding is used to repair an old tool, money is saved on a new tool purchase. Regrinding can be used to refresh tools as many as three times.

How Much Money Can Be Saved Through Tool Regrinding?

It’s hard to say exactly how much money can be saved through tool regrinding, because it depends a lot on the tool and the company doing the work. Since there are costs associated with regrinding, the total savings depends on the cost of the regrinding versus the cost of a new tool.

In some cases, regrinding costs as little as half the price of a new tool, so the savings is about 50%. In other cases, regrinding costs approximately 75% of the price of a new tool, and the savings is about 25%.

Sometimes, it is not at all economical  to regrind tools. When this is the case, the company will simply buy a new tool.

How Can A Company Find Out If A Tool Can Be Saved Through Regrinding?

The best way to find out whether or not regrinding is an option for a specific tool is to take that tool to a company that offers regrinding services. The regrinding company will ask a variety of questions about the purpose of the tool, its coating and value. This evaluation process enables the company to determine whether or not the tool is a good candidate for regrinding.

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