Grinding into the Medical Field

Medical tools and equipment have different requirements and challenges, compared to other types of tools, making it imperative to work with a consistent, high-quality cutting and regrinding service. Custom Tool and Grinding is equipped for and experienced at meeting the demands of tooling for medical applications.

Process Control and Tolerances

When it comes to medical equipment and tools, it’s especially important that any custom parts are created with the greatest possible precision. Medical tools need to be highly consistent, which can introduce challenges when due to the production of some instruments can be quite involved. A reliable, professional regrinding service will have equipment with the tight tolerances necessary to restore these types of equipment to new.

The Importance of Experience

Medical tools tend to be somewhat unique in nature with extremely narrow specifications and specialized designs. There are many brand new designs in addition to those that are simply challenging to cut and to regrind. Because of this, medical tools are best created by those who have the experience within the custom tool industry, and by those who are able to cut and shape products for all types of equipment. Engaging with custom tool companies is also useful for medical clinics, as they can test out new designs, prototypes, and modifications to their existing tools.

The Challenges Related to Medical Grinding

Custom grinding companies don’t just need experienced technicians and advanced equipment, they must also be able to address issues such as automation and simulation to get the best results. Custom shops may regrind and recondition parts such as drills and reamers, or they may engage in the significantly more challenging work of creating hip rasps, femoral balls, and knee implants.

Much of this requires advanced features such as robotic automation and the ability to work closely with models in CAD/CAM. This is, again, where being able to develop custom tools is advantageous. The ability to generate medical tools from CAD/CAM software files is critical to modern medical equipment, as it makes it easier to customize these parts.

Medical tool grinding must be done reliably and with precision. Not only is it important to be able to customize, but it’s important to be able to produce these tools quickly and efficiently, aided by automated services and sophisticated software solutions. Custom Tool & Grinding has experienced, knowledgeable technicians who are specialized in many fields of custom tool cutting and grinding, including the medical industry. Contact Custom Tool & Grinding today to learn more about the benefits of their workflow and products to the medical community.