How Indexable Tooling Ensures You Meet Industry Standards

When it comes to manufacturing products, you often need to have tight tolerances to meet your industry standards.  That means when your tool dulls or wears down, you need a quick solution to replacing the tool to maintain quality.  That’s where indexable tooling can help you get the job done.

What’s Special About Indexable Tools?

Most solid tools eventually wear down and require sharpening.  This takes the tool out of commission while the edges are resharpened and tested to make certain that they pass your quality standards.  This takes time, especially if you don’t have an on site grinding department to resharpen the blade. In the meantime, that tool is out of commission and must be replaced by another one.  Indexable tools allow you to replace the edges by either flipping over the insert, itself, which has a fresh edge, or replacing the insert with a new one. This saves time and equipment as you don’t have to wait for it to be sharpened.  Instead, you get a fresh edge or blade every time.

Use Indexable Tools to Ensure You Meet Industry Standards

You want quality cuts when it comes to your tools.  You need to meet or surpass industry standards when it comes to your products. You can’t just settle on cuts that are “good enough,” nor can you wait for your tools to come back from the grinder.  That’s why indexable tools are so necessary in today’s manufacturing environment. You can guarantee that the cuts your tools make are the same every time, without worry.

Choose a Reliable Custom Tool Manufacturer to Make Your Indexable Tools

Your products are important and you require exacting quality when it comes to your indexable tools. Don’t settle for tools from cheaply made tooling companies.  You need indexable tools that are made to your standards or even better. That why you should contact us at Custom Tool & Grinding for your custom indexable tools.  We’ve been in business for more than 40 years and have the skill and reputation to back up our products. We have top notch customer service and precision manufacturing and inspecting equipment.  Contact us today for a quote.