Jobs in Manufacturing Boosted by American Manufacturing Communities Collaborative

This past April, manufacturing communities across America joined forces with each other, forming the Northeast-Midwest Institute and The Century Foundation to amplify investment and innovation in our country’s manufacturing communities. Manufacturers created the American Manufacturing Communities Collaborative (AMCC) to boost jobs in manufacturing and help experienced American workers to create sustainably-produced goods. We’re excited to see where this initiative is headed.

Building on Success to Create Jobs in Manufacturing

Using the success of the Investing in Manufacturing Communities Partnership (IMCP) as a foundation, the AMCC was created to foster sustainable economic development–helping to create well-paying jobs in manufacturing sectors. Members of this collaborative are leaders in their regions and fields, with a history of overcoming obstacles to achieve success. These people bring together businesses, government agencies and organizations to help communities lead their own economic development programs. Currently, 16 key communities are the backbone of this initiative, a number which is expected to grow. Each falls into the categories of: Aerospace, Manufacturing, Medical Devices and Food and Beverage. 

Why it Works

In working together and letting local talent take the lead, this collaborative brings nationwide support to local growth. With an ever-expanding network of people using best practices to attain sustainable economic growth, the AMCC is reviving American manufacturing. How? By improving environmental impacts and quality job creation. 

Government-level changes enable similar communities to join in and grow together, too. Manufacturing communities look forward to learning how to plan and implement strategic investments for long-term success. Initiatives like critical skills training, improved facilities, innovative research and development outcomes are in the works–which will help to strengthen America’s manufacturing economy.

Unfortunately, there have been many negative trends in the manufacturing sector, each of which is tough for businesses to overcome. These affect entire communities, making economic security scarcer and decreasing availability of municipal resources. This is why collaborative partnerships are so beneficial. Companies use the research and success of others to help rejuvenate their businesses and regional economies. 

What Does It Mean?

Federal changes championed by both sides make positive impacts. Additional federal funds will soon be available to manufacturing, allowing companies to invest in their workforce, creating better-trained employees. This opens the door for new hires and overall local economic growth. Still, much of the bill impacting this is focused on American defense industries. The U.S. will be better equipped to create a consistent and maintainable capacity in manufacturing. 

The investment in creating reliable and diverse public/private sector partnerships in an American industry is a boon for manufacturing-related business owners across the country. As such, this adds a wealth of experience to job creation and community enhancement plans. Working together, our industry will be more successful than ever! 

Learn more about the American Manufacturing Communities Collaborative online.

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