July Roundup: Machining in the News

A lot is happening in the cutting tool industry in the month of July. Continue reading our news roundup to learn more about what’s happening in the industry this month.

Atomos Space Announces First Orbital Demonstration Mission

In-space logistics provider Atomos Space will launch two internally designed spacecraft into orbit in February 2024. The vehicles, named Quark and Gluon, will perform rendezvous, docking, refueling, and orbital transfer in a demonstration mission dubbed “The Singing Astronomer”.

Atomos Space was founded in 2018 and has raised more than $26 million in three rounds of funding and $5.5 million in United States government contracts. The February 2024 launch will be the company’s first orbital mission.

For more on this first mission click here. 

Laser Pioneers and Automation Are Revolutionizing Manufacturing

Modern medicine, telecommunications, consumer electronics, building construction and data storage. These are just a few of the technologies that would be far less advanced, if not impossible, were it not for the work of laser pioneers such as Theodore Maiman, Charles Townes, Arthur Schawlow and countless others.

But nowhere has their work had a more profound effect than on the production floor, where an increasing number of manufacturers use lasers to slice through metal, join, mark and inspect parts, set machinery and, above all, keep workers safe.

For more on how lasers are helping improve the industry click here. 

Renishaw Brings NIMS Part Inspection to HTEC 2023

The Haas Technical Education Community (HTEC) 2023 conference kicks off this week and lasts until July 27, 2023 in Fort Smith, Ariz. The four-day conference brings technical teachers and trainers together to share expertise on the best practices for teaching CNC machining, automation, metrology and more.

As one of the event’s Gold sponsors, Renishaw Inc. will provide learning opportunities for attendees, including a 90-minute opening session that covers topics such as calibration, probing and prevention of inaccuracies. That is followed by live demonstrations of Renishaw machine tool probing and calibration systems, and an opportunity to get hands-on with the Equator gauging system to measure National Institute of Metalworking Skills (NIMS) master parts.

For more information on the conference click here. 

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