Machine News Stories of the Week

This week, we’ve searched for and rounded up machine news stories we think will be helpful to those working in the industry.

Safety Best Practices for the Age of Automation 

The automation world is increasingly becoming an area of focus in manufacturing, even though COVID-19 has resulted in layoffs within the industry. However, it’s important to make sure the automation within your factory is providing a safe space for employees. From risk assessments to training and audits, this article shares helpful information on keeping your employees safe.

How to Practice Stage Two Thinking in Your Machine Shop

As a business owner, we often think about the immediate cause and effect of our decisions. This is known as Stage One thinking, according to “Applied Economics: Thinking Beyond Stage One.” While this is necessary, it’s no longer enough. That’s where State Two thinking comes into play. This article explains what exactly that is, and how it can help your machine shop.

Desire for data

Data, data, data—since we’ve approached the Fourth Industrial Revolution, data has become an essential part of the automation industry. But why exactly is this data so essential? What does it actually tell us? This article explains why collecting data is so important to those who work with machines. 

Leak-Tight Data Systems

Expanded digital networks have helped manufacturers in a myriad of ways, but they’ve also opened up a multitude of cyber threats.  These threats include phishing schemes, demands and distributed denial of service attacks and more. This article describes the different types of attacks manufacturers face and how they can confront these threats. 

Custom Tool Keeps You Informed and Working

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