What’s in the News for Machining?

The world of manufacturing and custom tools is always busy. Instead of crowding our social pages with news, we’re rounding up a few interesting stories we saw recently right here. 

Enhancements to the Industry

Toolpath simulation helps shop go crash free

With their VERICUT toolpath simulation this company is able to make their processes more efficient, safe and predictable. With the complexity of modern machining this company knows relying on a machinist to catch every program error is risky, so they built this tool to help.

New cutting unit for light materials

Suhner’s has a line of drilling units that can be used to cut various light materials successfully, such as wood, light metals, plastic composite and foam. This could open up some new doors.

Tips for choosing a new CNC

There’s been so much advancement in manufacturing technology and CNCs are no exception. With all the different options available choosing one can be overwhelming. Check out these tips. 

Changes in the Industry

Free software licenses for those working from home

Hexagon Manufacturing is offering free and extended licenses for their CAE, CAD/CAM, metrology and machine monitoring software to help companies and professionals dealing with these new productivity challenges in our current world. Click that link for more info about what they are sharing and how to get it.

Manufacturers make adjustments in time of coronavirus

As effects of the pandemic are felt manufacturers continue to make adjustments, contingency plans and staffing decisions to stay as productive as possible.

Siemens Offers Additive Manufacturing Network and more to medical 

One of many signs of the industry coming together is this company offering it’s products and services to the medical community to assist in quick design and production of necessary medical items.They also have some of their team available to answer questions.

500 new jobs to make N95 masks

With masks being needed at higher and higher rates companies like Honeywell are making major hires in attempts to keep up with demand.

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