Machining Trends for 2020

Every year brings new challenges and new advancements to any industry. Machine shops may have had a rough few years, but we see plenty of opportunity coming in the emerging machining trends for 2020. Machining is beginning to embrace technological growth, opening up potential for advancements. Complex multi-axis manufacturing, turnkey parts, cobots and a push for competitive lead times are all pointing to something great for the new year and the future. 

Working with Cobots and Robots

The idea of robots on the shop floor is hardly new. We’ve been working with them for decades, especially in instances of high volume jobs. These robots have always been put in cages, in order to keep the work area safe for employees and product. But the fast development of cobots has been changing this, allowing for robotic work on factory floors. 

Cobots are more feasible solutions for small shops, and thus are expected to grow in popularity throughout 2020 and beyond. These robots are built to work beside humans and are developed to be more human-like. They come with intuitive programming, complete with the ability to be taught their job function via manually-controlled movements. As such, human workers collaborate with each robot to train it on its job, and can work side by side to get tasks done quickly and efficiently. As time goes on, cobots are getting smarter and more useful on the shop floor, so we’re hopeful to see more of them through the coming year. 

Using Improved Machining Equipment

With our growing experience and technology, we are beginning to see our machines as more than just a means to an end. The year 2020 is going to see many upgrades on machines as platforms. Physical enhancements like integrated tool measurement will be part of the equation, as well as software improvements like performance monitoring and increased customization. All of these changes are going to improve CNC milling by reducing setups and catching and preventing errors.  

With the help of computer-aided manufacturing (CAM), software and computer-aided design (CAD) machines are being enriched all over, too. This is being used to add new toolsets, as well as redefine orientations and machine parameters. We are cutting costs and time as well as lessening the amount of wear on the endmill. Each of these software have been improving in the previous years. While the expense of CAM software kept many shops from utilizing it, the increase of multi-axis machining has made the need for them even greater. This causes an increased risk of collision, making the CAM software even more valuable.

Get the Tools You Need for 2020 at Custom Tool

These are just a couple of the biggest upcoming machining trends for 2020, but we are sure it will be a year full of excitement and growth for our industry. Whatever is coming, we can help you be ready to stay ahead of the game. Check out our capabilities and services pages to see what Custom Tool can do for you.