What’s in the News for Manufacturing and Custom Tools Machining?

There’s always so much going on in the world of manufacturing and custom tools. The industry is like a living, breathing thing that’s constantly growing and evolving. We don’t want to crowd our social pages with news, so we thought we’d round up a few of the most interesting stories we saw in November right here. 

Industry Changes in Manufacturing

Technology Is Driving Manufacturing 

This talks about all the ways tech is influencing our greater industry and pinpoints how a constant upskilling of employees will be necessary for companies to keep up. We also need to support colleges and trade schools that are training those who will work in our fields. 

Moving From Cord To Cordless Is A Positive Trend

At one time, cordless tools were mostly low strength household/garage tools. Industry 4.0 is helping to change that and making cordless tools powerhouses for manufacturing floors. The future looks bright with cordless. 

Workforce News

2,500 Jobs Expected From Ground-based Strategic Deterrent HQ

Ogden, UT is gearing up for the completion in 2020 that will bring all kinds of new jobs to their region, as well as help update the country’s intercontinental ballistic missile system. 

New Solar Panel Maker Opens Plant In Georgia Hiring 650 People

This is the first of this company’s factories in the U.S., and the merging of technology, energy and manufacturing is an exciting trend we expect to see more of.

Additive Manufacturing Coming To Pittsburgh

We are excited about this partnership with additive manufacturing and the Pittsburgh International Airport. The opportunity is mutually beneficial and full of potential for our region.

Other Industry News

Electric Pickup Truck Manufacturer Buys Old GM Lordstown Plant

Not too far away in Lordstown, OH, people will be making a new kind of vehicle. The company plans to hire back many of the same employees who worked at the GM plant to create electric-run pickup truck, Endurance. Great news for the area and U.S. manufacturing.

Ford Workers Are Close To Ratifying A New Contract

At least two-thirds of workers have voted in favor of the new contract, though some may lose a bit in the process. But it looks like the contract could be settled shortly.

University Opens Electro-matic Industrial Engineering Laboratory 

Lawrence Technology University has partnered with Siemens Corp and opened a new laboratory. They are both dedicated to education in the field and hope to create a passion for it new generations of people. 

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