The Misperceptions of Manufacturing Careers

Misperceptions about manufacturing careers are in abundance. The question is – do you have any? To find out, ask yourself if you agree or disagree with the following statements.

  •       Manufacturing is dirty.
  •       The Manufacturing industry is boring and low-tech.
  •       Manufacturing is low-paying and leads nowhere.
  •       Manufacturing is dying out in the U.S.

If you agreed with any of the above, you’re wrong. In this blog we debunk these misperceptions and tell you how the industry really is.

Is it a Dirty Job?

Some people have the notion stuck in their head that manufacturing is a dirty job. According to a survey done by SME, more than 20% of parents view manufacturing as a job with a dirty work environment. Yet, today’s manufacturing environments look more like clean rooms and lab settings that emphasize being green and eco-friendly.  

Is it Low Tech? Think again!

Many manual manufacturing jobs have become a thing of the past with new technology emerging. With technologies such as automation and robotics, industrial processes have changed drastically. In fact, they are continuing to change–manufacturing is in the early stage of another giant step forward. This giant step forward is the convergence of traditional industrial products and services with the advanced digital technologies of the cloud and mobile computing. The result of this is a new class of manufacturing jobs.

Low pay? No Way!

Think manufacturing is a low paying job–think again! According to SME, technological advancements are yielding well-paying careers, with the average U.S. manufacturing worker making $77,000 per year.

Manufacturing isn’t Dead.

Finally, lets tackle the age-old dispute that manufacturing is eventually going to become a thing of the past – which is far from the truth. According to Forbes, U.S manufacturing has been growing for years, and output is at its highest. Plus, the amount of manufacturing jobs is on track to continue to rise, with more than 248,000 new jobs being created in 2018 alone.

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