New Skilled Positions in Manufacturing

With the onset of so much new technology across the pretty much every industry of manufacturing, it’s no surprise that your shop is probably analyzing the skills your employees need to do their job effectively. Advances in robotics, AI, machine learning and the industrial internet of things all point to a new era of skilled positions that will require equally skilled workers. However, attracting skilled workers to your shop is easier said than done. Here are few steps you can take to find your ideal candidates.

Establish Relationships with Trade Schools

One great way to ensure your company attracts the best talent from a new generation of employees is to establish partnerships, or at least relationships, with trade schools or even vocational high schools can go a long way in ensuring your workforce of the future. Students in trade schools learn the latest trends, techniques and innovations. That means they’re coming to you with fresh industry knowledge a new skill set.

You can even leverage these relationships into apprenticeships. What better way to find your ideal candidate than by grooming him or her yourself? You can entice candidates by working around the class schedule or even offering credits toward their program degree or certificate. Taking the time to invest in the next generation of manufacturing will pay dividends in the long run,

Examine Your Company Culture

Sure, pay and benefits are a huge consideration, but when you’ve got multiple shops offering the same salary and perks, it can often come down to what the day-to-day looks like. You convey a strong culture through various aspects of your shop. Consider the trust your workers have for management. Do they have a good work-life balance? Do employees enjoy any type of autonomy?

It’s easier than ever for employees to examine your company culture. Sites like Indeed and Glassdoor offer robust company review sections. Make sure your employees are happy and that your online presence reflects that. Speaking of online presence, take time to make sure your website is updated and you maintain some sort of updating routine.

Good Workers Need Good Tools

At the end of the day, the ultimate success of your employees comes down to the tools they work with. At Custom Tool, we lean on a tradition expertise and experience to make sure you have the exact right tools you need for your shop.Request a quote today.