October Roundup: Machining In The News

The summer months are over, and we are well into autumn. As the leaves change colors and the weather turns a bit cooler, what has changed in the machining industry? In this October roundup, we’ll cover the importance of project management plans and client feedback, how machine shops benefit from automation technology and understanding virtualization for industrial automation. 

Automated Assembly Systems: Trimming the Timeline

In this article, the author highlights a common issue clients experience in the machining world. They need to expand their scope but aren’t able to afford extra assembly, delivery or installation time. So, what can integrators and machine builders do to help?

The answer highlighted in this post is to use remote and ongoing design reviews to take issues head on and ensure work is done on time. Learn how this is much more beneficial than having only one review with the client in this Assembly article

How Machine Shops Can Benefit from New Automation Technology

This SME interview focuses on automation, specifically with small to medium size job shops. The conversation with Manufacturing Engineering Editor-in-Chief Alan Rooks touches on when these shops should start exploring their automation options. He also talks about high part quantities, employee automation skills and more.

Check out this interview here

Understanding Virtualization for Industrial Automation

Speaking of automation, what about the virtual aspect of it? This Automation World article highlights what Advantech B+B SmartWorx chief technology officer Mike Fahrion discussed during the virtual 2020 Ignition Community Conference. According to Fahrion, there is still confusion around the topic of virtualization in automation. 

He broke down his main points into the following:

  • Dedicated vs. virtual
  • From data centers to industry
  • Additional advantages 

To learn more, check out the article here.

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