Optimizing Costs With Regrinding

Regrinding tools can save a company a substantial amount of money while also improving the overall quality and effectiveness of the tools that an organization uses. Businesses can have their custom tools both reground and recoated if they’re interested in durable, long-lasting equipment.

Saving Money through Regrinding

Regrinding can reduce the cost of custom tools by as much as 54%. Rather than having to throw away tools and purchase them again, custom tools can be reground. A single tool can be reground multiple times depending on the type of tool that it is. All this together means that regularly regrinding older tools can substantially reduce a company’s overall expenses.

The more tools you have, the more money your business can save through regrinding. If you have a lot or custom tools, the value goes up further as the cost of acquiring tools can be more expensive individually. Of course, knowing when to regrind tools is also important. An optimized system can be created by a professional.

Improving Efficiency through Well-Maintained Tools

In addition to saving money directly, grinding also saves money by improving efficiency. Tools that are well-maintained will likely be able to produce their work much faster. They will also be less likely to create faulty work which would then need to be replaced. Improving efficiency doesn’t just reduce the costs of your business overhead; it also makes sure that your customers are satisfied and makes it possible for you to take on additional business.


When tools are less likely to break down, they are also less likely to slow down work and incur additional repair costs. Custom tools may take additional time to replace, which again could potentially grind operations to a halt. Companies will find themselves able to order their tools all at once at planned intervals rather than piecemeal, making it easier for them to get bulk discounts and better rates.

Conditioning Tools for Harder Environments

When regrinding, tools can also have additional coatings applied. Tools have special coats that can improve their hardness, prevent any chipping, and also resist extreme temperatures. These tools will last longer between having to be reground and they will be more effective in the interim. Coatings can make tools sharper, more precise, and less likely to stick to other materials. All of this will again reduce overhead and the overall cost of operations.

Regrinding tools is an excellent way to reduce your overall business expenses and improve the longevity of your custom tools. If you want to invest in longer lasting tools and superior operations, contact CT&G today.