Punch and Broach Tooling for Precision Cutting

As a manufacturer you want your finished product to be perfect. But it’s equally as important to be able to get from start to finish as quickly and effectively as possible. Right?

Do you know how to make sure this happens?

By using the right tools for the job—that’s how!

So if your goal is precision cutting,then you might want to consider using punch and broach tooling as your go-to manufacturing method.

What Is Punch and Broach Tooling?

Known as one of the most productive precision-machining processes, punch broaching  is similar to the shaping process and uses the peck mode to quickly remove a metal material. This manufacturing process removes the material with a partial form broach to create a shape by punching the material. In addition, this high-production metal-removal process is what is frequently required to manufacture one-of-a-kind parts.

The broaching tool can generally finish-machine just about any rough surface in just one stroke. And, when used properly, broaching can significantly increase your yield, hold tight tolerances, make precision finishes and reduce the need for employing highly skilled machine operators.

Why Is the Punch and Broach Tooling Method so Effective?

The punch and broach tooling method is more effective than other commonly used processes because manufacturers can achieve high duplicability on milling machines, lathes and presses. This saves time and money. In addition, punch and broach tooling is more cost-effective because it can make shapes that otherwise can only be achieved using the costly EDM or pull broaching methods. Punch broaches are provided for machine keyways, hexagons, Torx-style six lobes, splines, squares, and serrations.

Why Use Punch and Broach Tooling for Precision Cutting?

Punch and broach tooling is used when rotary broaching might not be feasible. The partial form broach tools help reduce cutting pressure and is the most suitable method for applications that don’t require pre-drill marks, extra material removal, or measuring of the form to a feature on the part. Which is why punch and broach tooling is the ultimate solution when you want precision cutting.

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