PwC Ranks Pennsylvania No. 7 for Aerospace Manufacturing

The Keystone State has long been synonymous with industry and manufacturing. While many from outside our borders may think of Pennsylvania as nothing more than a Rust Belt state, we know this could not be further from the truth. Pennsylvania has a way of reinventing itself and remains an active leader in American manufacturing. Aerospace engineering is just one industry where this notion is abundantly apparent, and we have the figures to back it up.

Aerospace and Defense is experiencing rapid growth in the US, due in large part to increasing commercial plane mileage and recent tax reforms. In the international study, the United States ranked first overall, followed by Canada and Singapore.

PA is Attractive for Aerospace

According to a study conducted by PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC), Pennsylvania ranks 7th in the nation for aerospace manufacturing attractiveness. The annual study was released earlier this month and saw Pennsylvania firmly in the Top 10. While the top two spots went to Washington and Texas respectively, many states were concentrated in the Northeast and Midwest, such as Ohio, Virginia, Michigan, and Indiana.

The overall rankings were achieved based on six criteria, all weighted equally in the study. These criteria included:

  • Cost
  • Labor
  • Infrastructure
  • Industry
  • Economy
  • Tax Policy

It is worth noting that Pennsylvania received a 2nd place ranking in the infrastructure category.

With over 200 aerospace manufacturing companies within Pennsylvania, and a strong ranking from PwC, the industry’s outlook is strong. Indeed, PwC notes in this study that the American aviation and defense sector is expected to break profit records and is poised to expand even further.

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