Reopening Machine Shops Responsibly

Slowly but surely, states are beginning to reopen. While each state has its own protocols and timelines, it’s never too early to start putting some thought into how your shop will incrementally return to business as usual. Having a plan in place now will save you from disorganization and confusion later one. Again, reopening machine shops is going to be an incremental process. Stay the course and do things safely. 

Note: The content provided in the post is meant for informational purposes only. For official policies and procedures, please consult federal, state, and local guidelines. 

Follow All Federal, State and Local Guidelines when Reopening Machine Shops

It’s so important we’re saying it twice. Most of us are ready to get back to normal. It’s no secret COVID-19 has affected many our own, as well as our employees’, livelihoods. While we want to return to work, it’s important to do so within your state’s timelines. Choosing not to do so could result in fines, shutdowns and other liabilities. 

Each state and many local municipalities have their own timelines for reopening. It may be frustrating to watch your peers in other areas reopen before you, but the safety of your staff should always be a high top priority. Remaining compliant with all applicable laws should is a great way to ensure this.

Continue Social Distancing in Accordance with Guidelines

Depending on when and how you begin to reopen, your shop may be required, or choose, to maintain certain precautions and safety measures to keep staff, customers, and vendors safe. Take these measures seriously. For instance, if you are required to keep wearing face coverings, ensure every employee not only has one, but is wearing it correctly. Some companies are even scanning employee temperatures before their shifts.

Additionally, continue to keep areas as clean as possible and limit the amount of individuals who come into contact with various pieces of equipment. You may want to consider restricting access to certain non-essential parts of your shop such as break rooms or kitchens. Make sure you provide supplies like hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes and have a schedule for regular cleanings. 

Reopening Machine Shops Requires Flexibility

Things aren’t going to go back to normal overnight, and we don’t know what the future holds. Actively monitor the changes and developments going on with federal, state and local guidelines and do your best to remain compliant at all times. 

Furthermore, be honest with yourself and your staff about the world we’re living in. That’s a big part of Ford’s reopening strategy. In other words, there will continue to be risks and your staff will have their own health and safety to think about. Remember, limbs that bend don’t break.  

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