September Roundup: Machining in the News

A lot is happening in the cutting tool industry in the month of September. Continue reading our news roundup to learn more about what’s happening in the industry this month.

CNC Turning Technology Targets Its Many Facets

CNC turning on all of its machine platforms is getting smarter, faster and more versatile through cleverly designed tools and software combinations. Uncover the latest innovations reshaping CNC turning and precision manufacturing. Delve into advanced tooling solutions, strategies for automation, trochoidal turning methods, and the seamless fusion of milling and turning processes through CNC control technology. Check out these advancements that are being used to enhance productivity and efficiency in machining operations by clicking here

Hexagon’s Sixth Sense Announces Nine Startups 

Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division has unveiled the nine promising manufacturing startups selected for its third Sixth Sense cohort. These startups, representing seven different countries, have been chosen from a highly competitive pool of applicants due to their innovative solutions aimed at tackling critical manufacturing challenges, with a strong emphasis on sustainability and digital integration.

The selected companies bring diverse approaches to address some of today’s most pressing manufacturing issues, including enhancing product sustainability, reducing waste, harnessing real-time data, automating design processes and integrating collaborative robots (cobots) into production lines. As part of the Sixth Sense program, these startups will gain access to Hexagon’s invaluable market insights, accumulated through years of collaboration with industry-leading technology giants, accelerating their path to commercial success.

For the full list of selected companies that have been chosen click here


FABTECH, one of the manufacturing industry’s premier events, will make a triumphant return with a jam-packed schedule of special events, educational sessions and keynote speakers. The show, which attracted nearly 30,000 attendees in 2022, hosted over 40,000 industry professionals this year at Chicago’s McCormick Place. With a focus on showcasing the latest trends and technologies in metal fabrication, FABTECH 2024 will not disappoint.

With an eye on the horizon, the manufacturing industry eagerly anticipates FABTECH’s return to Orlando, Florida, in October 2024, as well as FABTECH Mexico in Monterrey and FABTECH Canada in Toronto earlier that year. These events continue to play a crucial role in advancing the manufacturing sector and fostering innovation across the globe.

For more information on Fabtech 2024 click here.

U.S. Government Awards GlobalFoundries New Contract

The U.S. Department of Defense has awarded GlobalFoundries, a new 10-year contract for a supply of securely manufactured, U.S.-made semiconductors for use across a wide range of critical aerospace and defense applications.

With an initial award of $17.3 million and an overall 10-year spending ceiling of $3.1 billion, the new contract provides the DoD and its contractors with access to GF’s semiconductor technologies manufactured at its U.S. facilities. These GF facilities are DoD-accredited to the highest security level, Trusted Supplier Category 1A, which implements proven stringent security measures to protect sensitive information and manufacture chips with the highest levels of integrity to ensure they are uncompromised.

With a talented and diverse workforce and an at-scale manufacturing footprint spanning the U.S., Europe and Asia, GF is a trusted technology source to its worldwide customers. For more information, visit

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