Simple ways to Improve your Website for Hiring

As baby boomers continue to retire, millions of manufacturing jobs are going to become available within the next couple of years. Unfortunately, though, many manufacturers struggle with filling positions. One efficient way of combating this problem is by improving company websites. Not enough manufacturers see their website as a priority, this leads to websites with outdated materials and absent pages. This can cause today’s job seekers to leave your site and move on to other potential employers without a second thought. In this blog, we cover five simple improvements you can make to your website that will accelerate your hiring.

5 Simple Improvements

  1. Create a Careers Page – Not only is this a requirement for businesses these days, but it also makes job postings easier to find. People are trained to look at the same place on a site to find job listings, so why not make it easier for potential applicants to locate them.
  2. Refresh your Careers Page Regularly – Do anything you need to, to make it look fresh and updated. Include news from recent months, mention new benefits of employment, and generally keep things current.
  3. Put the Most Critical Positions at the Top of the Page – Simplify the process further by making the jobs that need to be filled immediately readily accessible. Make it easy to scan important information and apply in just a few short minutes.
  4. List Benefits on the Career Page – From healthcare benefits to retirement options, always be upfront. That way it’s easier to compare and contrast positions and companies.
  5. Add Videos and Photos to your Careers Page – Give possible applicants a peek into what it’s like to work for your company. It could be a video of day-to-day work on the floor, or photos of company employees doing volunteer work to show what the company does for the community. A presence such as this attracts a younger workforce who will likely stick around to read more information or apply for jobs.

Contact Custom Tool Today!

With the proper platform, website changes could take no more than several minutes apiece. And once set up, some pages may not even need to be updated annually. Not only does that benefit the company, but it also becomes a benefit for potential applicants and customers. That’s why at Custom Tool we always keep our site current and up to date–to benefit our customers. Contact us today by clicking here.