The Value of Reconditioning and Regrinding Your Tools

We all want to get the most for our money and our time, so we want to know that we are using the best tools, in the best shape, in the best way possible. Have you considered reconditioning and regrinding your tools? It’s often required to get your money’s worth out of high-performance cutting tools. If you’re trying to justify the cost of acquiring one of these tools, investigate the value you can gain from that process and have a good reconditioning program in place for your metalworking tools. 

Why High-Performance Cutting and Advanced Machine Tools Are Needed

Not long ago, most work rarely required the delicate machinery we now use. Standards are higher and products need to be cleaner and more precise, requiring detailed work that is repeatedly reliable. In order to produce that kind of quality, individual tools cannot be run down or degraded. The struggle is, precision tools are expensive and can’t just be replaced for every other high-speed machining or thread milling task. 

But you must also remain competitive with shops that can complete the more detailed work with ease. Tool reconditioning and regrinding allows companies to meet exacting standards and compete in the marketplace, all while offering quality and affordable products. 

Can You Recondition and Regrind on Your Own?

While there are some shops which take this work on in house, the complexities of the reconditioning process are better left to specialty vendors. After all, the standards for tools designed for reconditioning are at least as high as the products you use to make them. A regular tool cutter and grinder is just not going to, well, cut it. 

You’ve got more than one option though. Many tool makers offer their own reconditioning/regrinding programs. You can conveniently ship the tools back to their source for a more expensive, but quality job, returning each to its optimal condition. In some situations, this may be your best bet, especially with very specialized tools and tools that frequently need adjusted. 

Another option is to use a shop like ours. Custom Tool is experienced in reconditioning and regrinding, helping you to achieve optimum tool life and value. Avoid surprise needs for tool reconditioning by creating a reconditioning program and partnership. Stay on top of your tool quality with expert service.

How Do You Know It’s Time to Recondition? 

Work with tool manufacturers, reconditioning shops and your employees to know you are keeping your tools working at max efficiency. You don’t have to be sending your tools back to the toolmaker to benefit from their expertise. Many of them will work with you to make sure you are using the tool in the most efficient manner. This will decrease unneeded wear and tear. When damaged tools need the more involved work of regrinding, it helps you create better products and showcases the quality of the tool. 

Of course, education is key in maximizing tool life. Utilize your relationship with the toolmaker and reconditioning shop to help train your employees on the signs of tool degradation. Triggers such as dimension changes, low-quality surface finish and burr size should be apparent to them. When team members learn to recognize the signs of wear, they can pull the tool out of production before it’s too late. 

Have Custom Tool Do Your Reconditioning and Regrinding

We can regrind nearly all types and sizes of cutting tools, including alterations in HSS, solid carbide and carbide tips. We’re also equipped to do re-fluting, re-tipping and other processes in reconditioning. Check out our capabilities online to see if reconditioning and regrinding services are right for you.