When Is It Time for Tool Reconditioning?

We’ve talked about the importance and the value gained from tool reconditioning, but do you know how to recognize when it’s time to do so? A little wear on a tool is normal, you don’t want to go through a process of regrinding or tool reconditioning every time you use a tool. But you also want to make sure you’re getting the most out of it. 

If Tools Get Damaged

This one might be a no brainer, but if a tool sustained any damage that affects its performance it’s definitely time to get it reconditioned. Sometimes the tiniest ding on a tool can cause imperfections and inefficiencies on anything it creates. Metalworking tools such as cutting tools, carbide drills and end mills are expensive and not easy to replace. If you attempt to keep working with a damaged tool it will only get worse, possibly beyond repair and you will have to replace it instead. 

When You Need High Precision Tools

When your tools start to dull, they can’t perform to your expectations. Machining tools used for metal components need to have a high precision and the expert ability to create complex shapes and various dimensions. Your tools can go from dull and mediocre to being just like new. Your work will be a higher quality and you do not have to worry about losing time and money on waiting for the purchase, maintenance and installation of new tools. You can keep at your high speed and high volume production. 

Carbide drills are the easiest to make these enhancements too. Sharpening and re shaping can be easy and beneficial. But many other tools can be made new again with reconditioning. 

How To Go About Tool Reconditioning

You might have the capabilities to improve some of your own tools. However if you work with a company like Custom Tool, a metalworking specialist, we have multiple innovative pieces of equipment and processes to regrind many different tools quickly and efficiently. You can send us your dull and dingy drills and cutting tools and then get them back like new. We will clean and recondition your tools in accordance with the correct specification with our advanced equipment. 

Let Custom Tools Extend the Life of Your Tools

In addition to saving you time, effort, and money you can also be confident that you are making a great environmental choice. Giving your metal tools another lease at life helps with environmental sustainability, helping you and the planet. Check out all that CustomTools is capable of and lets get started today!