Tooling Up for the Fall

It’s mid June in Pittsburgh, and the temperature seems to be stuck above 90 degrees. It can be easy to think about your upcoming summer vacation while sitting by the pool, or even why the Pirates can’t seem to string a few wins together. However, the dog days of summer are also a good time to think about what tools you’re going to need to keep production running smooth this fall.

Plan Ahead

Summer doesn’t stick around forever. As much as we might wish it would, it doesn’t. Summer is always a crazy time of year – even if your shop is typically slower during the summer months, it gets hectic trying to figure out who is on vacation and when. It’s important to plan ahead so you know exactly where you’re at heading into the fall when things start to get busy again.

Know What You Need

Knowing what you need – or even what you need to do – is a key component of finding success in a custom tool solution. By telling us exactly what you’re trying to do, we can manufacture a custom tool that will be a perfect fit. We are very precise in our process and offer superb customer service. We’ll make sure you’re ready for fall.

Contact Custom Tool

At Custom Tool and Grinding, we offer tool regrinding, reconditioning, good advice and other services for industrial clients regardless of the time of year. To find out more about our services, contact us today.