Understanding Lathe Tooling

Custom Tool and Grinding is experienced with many types of tools. One of our specialties is lathe tooling. Whether it be external turning tools, drills, threading tools, parting tools or boring bars, we can help you out.    

Understanding the different types of Lathe Tooling

A lathe is basically just a tool that allows you to rotate your end result on an axis to perform various jobs. Whether you’re cutting, sanding, drilling, facing, turning, etc., you are going to use a lathe.

External Turning Tools

An external turning tool does exactly what you think it does. It also allows you to cut away the workpiece exterior when either roughing or finishing.

Boring Bars

Boring bars come in all different sizes. They exist solely to make any hole bigger, or to refine the hole’s finish.

Threading Tools

Threading tools add threads to both the interior and exterior of your workpiece. A great example from Tormach is to imagine you need to make a workpiece that you can thread a screw into. You can do this using internal threading tools, as long as you already have the hole drilled.

Parting Tools

Parting tools allow you to part, groove and cut off workpieces while also giving them a consistent smooth finish. This is best used when you need a lot of detailed work on the exterior of your machine.

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