What Are Porting Tools Used For?

Are you constantly on the lookout for tools and techniques that can make your business more efficient and profitable? If you are like most people, you more than likely answered yes and then some, right? Finding the right tools is paramount to your success so why not consider using porting tools?

Porting Tool Processes

When it comes to porting tools, there are three general steps that are used for such processes as    follows:

1. Pilot Hole Drilling

This is the first step you will generally take when using a porting tool. You will use your porting tool to make a pilot hole for the counterbore, which we will talk about in the next step. You will make the pilot hole by using a drill. Then you will make the hole depth according to the project’s instructions.

2. Port Counterboring

This is the second step you will generally take when using a porting tool. You will take the counterbore tool and run it into the pilot hole you made in step one. In most cases, all the features and dimensions (except for the depth) of the port and O-ring opening are built into the counterboring tool. And, in some cases, the depth of the counterbore machining might differ slightly.

3. Thread Tapping

This is the third and last step you will generally take when using a porting tool. It is important that the machined port is threaded to provide enough room for the fitting. And you should make sure you are using the right tapping tool as well. Find the tapping tool that is made for the same size, thread type and class. Doing so will help prevent any delays because you do not have the proper tool on hand.

What Are Porting Tools Used For?

Porting tools are used by many different industries. So there are a wide variety of uses for porting tools within each industry.

Here are the most common industries using porting tools, most of which you are probably familiar with:

  • Motorcycle
  • Snowmobile
  • Jet ski
  • Powerboat
  • Drag racers
  • Karting racers
  • Sports car engine and/or intake
  • And plenty more we haven’t mentioned here.

What’s Next?

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