What Exactly is Quality Control and Why Does it Matter?

Quality control:


“A system of maintaining standards in manufactured products by testing a sample of the output against the specification.”

Quality control isn’t something we take lightly at Custom Tool. As a manufacturer, quality control is incredibly important, and without a good quality control system the product suffers. Clearly, when the product suffers, your reputation suffers. When your reputation suffers, sales suffer. When sales suffer, profits suffer. Without profit, there is no more business. So, yeah, quality control is important.

What exactly is quality control and why is it important?

Basically, quality control ensures that the products you are manufacturing work the way they’re supposed to, and are built with quality to last. Without a proper quality control system, you could end up shipping a bad product. Even if it’s just one tool out of 100 that fails the test, that’s one too many  that failed the test and shouldn’t have been sent out. A solid quality control system ensures everything that is sent out is up to par.

How to implement a quality control system for your business

At Custom Tool, we pride ourselves on quality control. For example, when your order comes into our shop, it’s tracked every step of the way. We have a defined process in place to make sure every part of that process takes place. We test the design and the overall functionality of the product to ensure everything is working properly.

We’re inspecting tools before we ship. We always have. We’re making sure you’re getting consistent, repeatable accuracy to minimize downtime. We also have our own unique process to check that all of the geometric relationships are held to customer specified tolerance.

For more information on our quality control process visit our quality control page.

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