Five Reasons We Love Wire EDM

Wire EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) is great for cutting intricate and detailed designs into various materials. The procedure involves a thin strand of single wire, which is fed through the workpiece in collaboration with deionized water. An electrical current then cuts the conductive surface of the materials, leaving it smooth and in no need of finishing. We think the process is pretty cool. Let’s break it down some more.

Wire EDM Does Delicate Work

It can be hard to find the right amount of force in machining, because the effects on materials vary widely. Wire EDM is perfect for the kind of delicate work requiring low residual stresses on your materials. During the process, the wire doesn’t actually come into contact with your material. Cuts are made via sparks between the material and the wire, with little impact on the properties of your material.

It Does Complex Work

The shape possibilities with wire are endless, with both hard and fragile materials. You can create minuscule contours and tiny holes without heating up your workpiece to make it softer or harder to suit your needs. Another perk? You can create intricate details in a more timely and efficient manner. This is accomplished with far less risk to the material and finish you desire than other methods. You don’t have to worry about skimping on design or quality!

It Can Be Processed Quickly

Quick and quality work is everybody’s goal. Here at Custom Tool, we have experienced engineers who use processes like wire EDM to produce the product you need quickly and efficiently. The process is streamlined, allowing for a shorter lead time. Wire EDM allows us to produce the complex and high tolerance work you need without distortions to the material. It’s a one-step process to getting you your order.

It Has High Tolerance

The accuracy of wire EDM is better than that of flame cut, plasma and laser. One benefit of using a no force approach is the capability to achieve high tolerances for definite dimensions and exact fit. This prevents the costly job of extra processing and finishing on your work pieces. You get a fully finished product faster and more efficiently.

Wire EDM is Cost Effective

The simplicity of wire EDM helps contribute to lower costs. The process is compatible with any electrical conductive workpiece and eliminates concerns over fragility or hard surfaces. Therefore, the desired result can be achieved in one process, using less time and money. You can get superior dies and molds at a much lower cost than other processes. 

This streamlined process also results in less waste. The way in which wire EDM cuts through hard materials prevents the need for clean up and heating. Wire EDM jobs are usually fast turnaround projects for us, too, so we get to pass the savings to you, our loyal customers. That’s why we can provide great quality at a great price. 

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