5 Problems G-Wizard Calculator Will Solve For You

If you haven’t tried G-Wizard, we expect you to be skeptical. But in general, it’s regarded as a very powerful tool that’s easy to use. It knows pretty much every topic inside and out, and it can guide you through finding the very best feeds and speeds for your CNC projects without requiring you to have specialized knowledge. In this blog we dig into 5 problems G-Wizard will solve for you!

Which Tool to Use 

Deciding which tool to use is a problem that comes along right up front.  It can seem obvious, until you start getting into all the special cases:

  • Do I need to spot drill that holds or not?
  • Should I use a form tap or a cutting tap?
  • Do I need parabolic flutes on my twist drill?
  • Should I be using a serrated roughing end mill?
  • Would I be better off cutting this wood with a downcut spiral end mill?

With G-Wizard’s CADCAM Wizard feature, wondering is a thing of the past; instead it will suggest the appropriate tooling for you. You can even set it up to choose from a list of the tools you actually have on hand.

Eliminates Tool Rubbing 

Tool Rubbing is one of those everyday hazards that you can run across without even realizing that it’s eating your tools!

Simply put, rubbing occurs when you feed a tool too slowly.  This results in the tool shaving too shallow of a chip. When that happens, the tool rubs along gouging out the material instead of cleanly slicing it off. The result is a lot of friction, which translates to heat, which can dull your tool quickly.

G-Wizard understands the geometry of tool rubbing, calculates when the onset can start, and gives a straight-up warning when it is a risk.

Recommends Coolant or Mist as Needed

When it comes to the CNC Router crowd, most of them are not equipped with either flood or mist coolant. This results in a lot of issues when starting to cut aluminum.

Aluminum wants to weld itself to the cutting tool. Its chips have an actual chemical affinity for the material cutting tools are made out of. If it does successfully weld itself on, you’ve got a mess and likely a broken tool and a destroyed workpiece. So, G-Wizard preemptively warns you when you really need to apply some kind of lubricant, at the least, look into a mister.

Automatically Scales Back

This happens all the time, especially on hobby-class machines that start out horsepower limited. G-Wizard won’t just tell you the cut you’re attempting exceeds horsepower limits. It will actually scale back the feeds and speeds to fit within your machine’s horsepower limits.

Automatically Compensates for Tool Deflection

Tool Deflection is one of the great hidden hazards of CNC. It’s relatively easy to cause a tool to deflect too far, where too far is the amount needed to trigger excessive tool wear, chatter, and poor surface finish. Until recently, machinists had no good way to even determine how much tool deflection they were getting.

Now, only G-Wizard provides automatic optimization of cut parameters to eliminate tool deflection as a thread. It will automatically minimize tool deflection by tweaking Cut Depth, Cut Width, and Stick Out. 

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