June Roundup: Machining in the News

The industry is constantly evolving. This month we discuss the key to making quality parts, how a parts maker saved some serious cash, and how humans are now safely working side by side with robots. Keep reading for more details.

Validation is the Key to Quality Parts

Regulations are being put in place to guarantee product quality based on process quality. In other words, product quality will continue to meet strict standards if the processes to manufacture them are controlled and stable. A consistent process and end to end proof of quality are essential. However, it can take months to validate machinery and the process.

To read more about validation and how it should be performed click here.

Auto Parts maker Saves some Serious Cash

In north east Maryland, an auto parts manufacturer has implemented a new end mill and chuck solution. This change helped the manufacturer save 62% in costs on a high-performance shifter part machining application for the racing industry.

For more information on SB Dezigns and their cost cutting methods click here.

Working Safely beside Robots

Keeping humans involved safely, while being at the center of a production system is the main goal. Doing so requires robots to be able to detect and properly react to the presence of other machinery or a real person. Four sensors help solve this challenge. With these sensors, robots can work alongside humans without barriers and within the same workstation. This allows the robot to help the human operator perform the most tiring and repetitive tasks, while also giving the human operator freedom to manually guide the robot if needed.

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