The Different Types of Sheet Metals

Sheet metals are an important component of many industrial processes. They are highly-valued materials resourcefully used in making different products in various industries. Different types of sheet metals are employed in different industrial sectors.

In this article, we take a closer look at the different types of sheet metals used in rapid prototyping.

Types of Sheet Metals

There are different types of sheet metals used in rapid prototyping. In this section, we will discuss each of them in detail. 

Stainless Steel Stainless steel is arguably the best type of sheet metal. It combines both durability and attractiveness to make itself one of the best in the market. Stainless steel is comprised of 13% Chromium, Nickel, and Molybdenum, and comes in different types, which are:

  •  Austenitic steel sheets
  •  Martensitic steel sheets
  •  Ferritic steel sheets

It’s strong and highly resistant to moisture. Therefore, it will retain its strength even when exposed to environmental conditions such as rain, salt, and acid.

Copper Steel Metal Copper sheet metal has zero composition of additional metals. Their conductive nature makes them the right types of sheet metals used in making electronics, architecture, jewelry, and ornaments, and decorative art. Additionally, it’s resistant to corrosion, durable, and strong.

Aluminum Steel Metal Unlike the already discussed types of sheet metal, Aluminum steel metal is soft and delicate. Due to its fragile nature, it is exceptional for rapid prototyping. It is ductile and malleable making it easily pressable into different shapes without cracking. Aluminum steel metal has four grades. Each grade has a diverse nature, which, to a large extent, determines its applications. The grades include:

  •   Grade 1100: Chemical resistant, relatively low strength, ductile and weldable.
  •   Grade 3003: Corrosion-resistant, relatively stronger, and affordable.
  •   Grade 5052: Resistant to corrosion, weldable, and way stronger.
  •   Grade 6061: Not formable, very strong.

Hot Dipped Metallic Coated Sheet – This type of galvanized sheet metal is coated with quality zinc for durability and strength. Like the name, it is pre-treated with a hot-dipped metallic process. Also, there is an inspiration for anti-fingerprints coatings on the metal sheet.

Electro-Galvanized Sheets – Electro-galvanized steel sheets are more expensive than hot-dipped metallic coating sheets. They are also mostly preferred in mechanical applications. It has a base of cold-rolled annealed steel and is prepared by electroplating the base steel with a thick and pure zinc coating.

Mild Steel Sheet Mild steel sheets are another alternative to steel sheets. This type of metal sheet is neither too ductile nor brittle. They are easy to manufacture, versatile, and affordable. This makes them applicable in the automobile and construction industries. 

Wrapping it Up

With the different sheet metal types available today, it can be very hard to select the right one. We hope our blog helped you learn a thing or two about sheet metals. However, should you need help making a decision, our associates at Custom Tool can help you pick the best sheet metal for your project.