What’s the Latest Tooling Industry News?

There’s always so much manufacturing and tooling industry news. The industry is like a living, breathing thing that’s constantly growing and evolving. We don’t want to crowd our social pages with news, so we thought we’d round up a few of the most interesting stories we saw in October right here. 

Automation News

Automation is always making headlines. There are constant advancements in this field that are impacting the manufacturing world. Here are a few of the stories that interested us. 

Increasing Employee Output through Automation

A skilled machining workforce is in higher demand than it is available. The writers of this article traveled to different shops to find out how they are coping. One of the most successful things they found was the addition of automation in increasing output and productivity. 

Using Robotics Automation to Attract Workforce

In addition to getting more work completed per employee, automated robotics attract skilled workers. This technology also helps keep them there. Automation handles the least valued tasks so employees can focus on larger priorities. 

Keeping Automation Accountable 

Improved fixture feedback is helping keep automated machines accountable. It takes a load off the human tenders of the machine and job, allowing us to put more trust in the process.

How Automation Changes Education Needs

As AI and automation are changing the face of manufacturing, we need to make sure that the workforce is keeping up. This article explores some tips on how students can stay with the times. 

Workforce News

In addition to machines, we like to keep up with the people that are making and working them.

GM Strike

The GM strike has been stressful news we can’t avoid, but it looks like a deal may be reached. This article discusses the talks that are getting us there. 

Solar Panel Assembly Plant Opens in GA

This is always exciting news! A $200 million assembly plant for solar panels has been opened in Georgia. It’s poised to provide jobs for 650 people and enough power as that generated by the Hoover Dam.

Toyota Invests Nearly $400 in San Antonio Plant

With this new investment, Toyota has invested more than $3 billion dollars in this factory. They’ve also committed to developing the local workforce, starting with a $500,000 donation to a workforce related charity. This is all part of their recently-announced commitment to invest $13 billion into their U.S. operations over the next 5 years. 

Tooling Industry News

Things are looking good in the industry. Revenue growth continues on an upward trend, which is good for everyone.

Machining Market to Reach $414.17 Billion by 2022

The global machining industry is growing, and this is promising for all of us. North America might not have the largest projected growth, but we are growing and working on a global scale.

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