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At Custom Tool & Grinding, we’ve written hundreds of posts about machinery, tools, robotics, automation and much more. We’ve loved sharing our knowledge with you and are grateful that you keep coming back for more insight and advice! Throughout our years of sharing our expertise, there are a few posts that continue to attract readers old and new. That’s why we’re sharing our top posts of all time today.

What in the world is a lollipop cutter and what is it used for?

Lollipop…lollipop…what is a lollipop cutter? These spherical end mills are used to make machining undercuts. In this post, we take a look into this tool and explain all its uses, including plunging, face milling, profile milling and tracer milling.  

What are the benefits of having this tool custom made? Learn more in our post here

Everything You Need to Know about Tool Regrinding

What do you know about tool regrinding? Well, this post goes deeper. What exactly is tool regrinding? Is it an option for all tools? Why do industrial companies do it? How can money be saved through regrinding your tools? Can you save that tool through regrinding?

Find the answers to all of those questions at this post here

What Are Porting Tools Used For?

Good question—what exactly are those porting tools used for? This post goes over the various uses for these tools, including pilot hole drilling, port counterboring and thread tapping. These tools are important to the motorcycle, snowmobile, jet ski, powerboat, drag racer, karting racer, sports car engine and/or intake and many more industries. 

That’s just a high level view of these tools. Dive in deeper with our post here

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